About US

Crankpot is a research project originating is our continuous passion to create music and a constant desire to achieve an ideal reproduction of the original recording. Our uplifted explorations serve to rediscover the feeling of fulfillment and pleasure that we experience while playing the instrument, with others and listening intently to either others play or just the recorded music. After Hill Kristal, we listen to hear, and further – we seek with all our might to find.

That is why the Crankpot is foremost about us – two “Uplifting Gormandizers”, one of which has started to resonate from the moment he began tapping out diverse rhythms in his cradle and playing the guitar since the very instant he was able to hold the instrument in his hands. The other is a buddy who began his journey by sticking his fingers into the variety of electronic devices since he started to crawl and found himself mostly inclined towards these devices which made sound.

How did we get together into the Crankpot project? That is one of the great mysteries of the Universe. Still, the most important thing is that we struggle to fill up and link the magic generated by the two different worlds - that of music and of electronics. Even though these worlds seem divergent spaces - one emerged from the depths of human guts and the other from technological precision of the contemporary times.

All we care about is genuineness.